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Sunset Acres Farm llc

Ultra-Premium Horse and Livestock Hay for Every Need

We understand the time and level of care our customers take to provide their horses and livestock with the correct type of feed for their type of lifestyle. We offer Pure Alfalfa, an Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Mix and Timothy Grass Mix hay. If you are unsure or have any questions about your animals' needs, feel free to ask us and we will work with you to find the right feed for your horse or livestock.

alfalfa hay field
alfalfa and orchard grass mix
timothy grass mix

all small square bales of hay are around 50 lbs.

And we are off to the races making hay in 2022!  So far the season has been an amazing harvest.  To date we have managed to make first, and second cuttings of Alfalfa and Alfalfa/Orchard Grass.  We have also made first cut Mixed Grass bales already.  Our production strategy for this year was to be slightly early, quick and nimble to make timely and tender hay that offers the most nutrition and palatability for our customers when the weather allowed.  In fact, we made first cut pure Alfalfa bales on May 10 and baled them May 12!  We thank our loyal customers, the lord and mother nature for all the blessings.
Our winter projects and constant proactive farm equipment maintenance program from 2021 continues to pay off for us this year.  The equipment has been very reliable during harvesting so far.  We have not had any major breakdowns and this has been a welcome blessing in all our years of haymaking.

We are extremely proud to announce that our farm will again be purchasing and donating a 2022 Warren County Fair Market Hog to the Warren County Farm Bureau Shared Harvest Program this year.  This program benefits the Warren County Food Banks and provides them with hundreds of pounds of fresh, local and wholesome pork for those in need.  We also thank the many other donors and supporters of the program.  #feedingourneighbors

The chicken flock has had a great summer in the sun and shade producing free range and pasture raised eggs.  Since fall is right around the corner, the chickens are busy daily with foraging on the farm.  We will continue to have our delicious farm fresh eggs available for sale each week,

We wish a healthy and safe 2021 to all!

Update From the Farm

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The Sunset Acres Farm LLC Difference

On our farm, we couple the best crop inputs with industry-leading agricultural techniques.  We use best farming practices such as active field management, soil stewardship and laboratory feed analysis to ensure only the best hay is produced for our customers.  We also use the latest in farming equipment technology to monitor and produce a consistent, high quality animal hay.

"Our goal and mission at Sunset Acres Farm LLC is to grow and produce ultra-premium horse and livestock hay for our passionate customers."


Farm Fresh Eggs

Our farm fresh eggs come from pasture raised, free range chickens. This means the chickens live in a safe and natural environment where they can forage, perch, nest and dust bathe with plenty of room. This also offers the chickens access to green grass, fresh air, sunshine, and social interaction. Our eggs are produced in a variety of colors and sizes. We collect eggs daily and date each container. Customers are encouraged to place regular weekly orders which can be picked up or delivered.

alfalfa and orchard grass mix

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Lebanon, OH 45036

Tel: 513-409-3627

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